Barbershop Coat of Arms

What do you want to know?

We're happy to tell you all about ourselves

A pair of old men

The People

Above all else, it's the individuals we meet every day that make a difference in our lives. We take that to heart in our shop.
From the owners to the barbers, to the receptionist, to our valued clients, we strive to have the best people with the best energy in town. If you're coming to us for your hair needs, we'll make sure you enjoy your time with our people.
That, and get a wicked fade.
A barber pole in front of a barbershop

The Place

We have a soft spot for nostalgia, and an eye for today's current styles. Combine both of those and you have our groove!
We trust that you'll find our shop to be a comfortable nod to the days when barbers were doctors of style, and the barbershop was the place to visit and hang.
You'll also find some of the new perks that the hair industry has produced, like an ergonomic sink and hot towel warmer for shaves.

The Products

The University Barbershop is committed to using SX3 Products. Designed and salon-tested in Vancouver, SX3 is created without sulphates or parabens.
We also use an array of barber products that have stood the test of time. We are proud to have the Marvy Barberpole turning outside our shop, and styling essentials including Layrite and Imperial.
A photo of the Wesbrook Village